Friday, 11 May 2012

Cricket Revolution Cheats

Cricket Revolution

Hint: Easy wins:

Hello friends i dont have cheat but a root in cricket... Start a match then take
first batting then set a man on level 2 or 3 then press [Slog] key hit as mare
sixes as you can... It works i make 106 in 7 overs.

Hints for Batting:

* Go to Net Practice take Batting use only cursor keys first be perfect in that
then go for slog,push and loft Keys and press corresponding cursor keys.

* In the Beginig even i struggled a lot for batting. only i was scoring 5 Runs
and i was loosing all my wickets. Now i practiced well capable of scoring more
than 100 RUNS then started memorising the shots.

* So my advice is just practice in the net session so u can score well. Once
Batsman Level increases so the ball will go easily to Boundary i am trying to
find the cheat still i have not found.

First take mandatory powerplay and set two fielders, one straight back on the
bowler's end on the boundary and one in the leg side for the lofted on drive
shot. Then bring your fast bowler and bowl Yorker length balls directly into
the foot of the batsman. He will hit you for some boundaries but you will end
up getting wickets quite easily, either caught straight back or leg side. If
you get msg (predictable delivery Red Hot), then alter your length for just
one ball then return to Yorker balls. Do not take second power play and keep
three fielders, one straight back, one on leg side, and one on the off side
for lofted shots.

Use the following trick to get easy wickets while bowling. Adjust the bowler's
length and swing short and very wide so that it reaches the fielder placed at
45 degrees fine on the off side. Bowl the delivery with maximum speed. The
umpire will declare it as a no ball, but the batsman will try to sneak a single.
The fielder will throw the ball towards the wickets, which either results in a
direct hit or through the keeper and eventually the batsman gets runout.
You will concede a single run and get a wicket. This trick does not work during
the powerplay, as the fielder is too close to take a single. You can do this
trick in the second over without taking the powerplay. Thus, you can restrict
the opposition to a low score and can win the match easily.

Cricket Revolution is a multiplayer cricket sports action title for the
PC. With innovative gameplay, single and multiplayer game modes, local
and global tournaments, and challenging AI opponents that learn from your
every move, Cricket Revolution is a cricket gaming experience unlike any
other! Get into gear and get ready for global cricket competition in your
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